Attachment-Focused Family Therapy Consultation Group

A monthly consultation group from the attachment-trauma lens. Participants will have the opportunity to present cases as well as observe consultation of other participants' cases over a period of 8 months. Dafna’s perspective is based on 20 years of experience practicing two attachment-based therapies: Theraplay and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. Both modalities focus on the physiologic, nonverbal connection between parent and child to improve the relationship.

The focus will be on how to facilitate regulation, connection, and joy between parents and children as well as guide parents to do reparative work around family trauma. This consultation groups will help you to:

  1. Implement face-to-face between parent and child to create a sense of well-being, connection and joy
  2. Learn activities that work to calm a dysregulated child and engage a withdrawn child
  3. Learn to facilitate active dialogue between parent and child that is both safe and gets at the dyad’s core issues.
  4. Practice using PACE-Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity and Empathy
  5. Learn techniques to discern underlying motives/feelings underneath a child’s behaviors
  6. Practice scenarios for de-escalating child and parent dysregulation optimal arousal and affect regulation

The consultation group consists of 8 two-hour sessions over the course of 8 months.

Packages Options

Package A: $1000
# of Presentation Slots of One Hour: 4
# of Observation Hours: 12

Package B: $750
# of Presentation Slots of One Hour: 3
# of Observation Hours: 9

Package C: $500
# of Presentation Slots of One Hour: 2
# of Observation Hours: 6

If you would like to “drop in” on a consultation as an observer, the fee is $60 for the 2 hour session. Please email me if you intend to join [email protected]


Q: Why should I join this consultation group?

A: Besides the fact that this will help you sleep better at night knowing that you have a coherent plan for your toughest cases (!), you will learn how to practice attachment-based family therapy in the most effective way: by doing it. Rather than only having attachment theory inform your practice intellectually, you will learn actual attachment-based skills and techniques to turn theory into practice.

Q: Do I have to present a video in order to get consultation on a case?

A: No, you can just present orally. You can even do a live role play on Zoom if you are feeling courageous.

Q: What if I can’t fill a whole hour of my supervision time?

A: This rarely happens! But if you run out of questions, we will turn to the group for their questions/comments.

Q: What kind of technology will I need?

A: The supervision will be done through Zoom, which is an online conference program. You will need a webcam and microphone, a stable internet connection and your video on your computer (if you have video).

Q: What if I signed up for a date but had to cancel at the last minute? Can I join another date?

A: You can always join another supervision date as an observer, however you will most likely lose the your designated presentation slot (unless someone else happens to cancel on the session you join)

Q: Will this count towards DDP or Theraplay certification?

A: No. There is a separate process for becoming certified in each of these modalities. While Dafna is an official certified supervisor/consultant in theTherapy and DDP, this consultation group has a more integrative focus. For more information on the Theraplay practicum, please go to: https://theraplay.org/certification/

For information on DDP practicum, go to: https://ddpnetwork.org/ddpi/practitioner-certification-ddp/


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