Discipline with Attachment in Mind

Course Description

Are you tired of dealing with tantrums, anger outbursts over nothing, endless rounds of timeouts, sticker charts, prizes and bribes, all leaving you feeling ineffective, worried and perplexed? There are many reasons why a child misbehaves, but none of them is because he is simply trying to wants to be the boss or is lazy or spoiled. Looking at behavioral problems from an attachment perspective means looking underneath the behaviors to uncover what the child is trying to communicate on a non-conscious level. They may feel overwhelmed, out of control, misunderstood or frightened. They may feel uncomfortable in their body, unable to articulate their needs or confused about the mixed messages they are receiving at home. By finding out what your child is really asking for, you will be able to choose your intervention wisely to effect real change and gain your child’s cooperation. Moreover, you will more connected with your child and better about yourself as a parent.

Program Content

In this workshop you will discover:

  • Developmental issues that contribute to common behavior problems
  • Family issues that your child may be expressing through his behavior
  • Techniques for discovering what is really bothering your child
  • Interventions for calming a child who is escalating before it turns into a tantrum
  • Playful interventions to make your child feel happier and more connected to you

Target Audience

Intended for parents, caregivers and professionals supporting families

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